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How Do I Place An Order For Foreign Currency?


Complete and submit the Currency Order Request form found HERE on this website. Upon receipt we will contact you by telephone and arrange the details of your order. We will thenconfirm your order by email. Once you receive the email and are satisfied with the order you mail us your personal check for payment (and photocopy of your drivers license if you need immediate delivery see below).


Do You Charge Any Fees For A Foreign Currency Order?


Yes. Customers who obtain foreign currency at our office in Athens, Georgia are charged a service fee in the amount of $5.00 in addition to the cost of their currency at our posted rates; currency obtained by mail is sent to you by certified letter and incurs an additional fee for shipping and handling of $10.00. Therefore the total fee for mail orders is $15.00.


Can I Pay By Credit or Debit Card?


No. We only accept personal checks for foreign currency payment. Credit and debit card companies charge a fee for card use and we would rather keep our currency rates as low as possible and pass the savings on to you.


How Often Do You Set Your Rates For Foreign Currency?


Generally, we adjust our exchange rates for foreign currency to current market conditions once a day, usually in the morning. However, if for some reason there is turmoil in the international market causing a significant change in an earlier posted rate we reserve the right to make a corresponding adjustment to our posted rates. The daily rate you find posted at this website will be the rate you will be charged when you place your order during that particular day.


When Can I Expect to Receive My Foreign Currency?


It depends. We will send the foreign currency to you by U.S. Certified mail as soon as your payment funds are verified. Shipment to you can also be made through FedEx by special arrangement. Verification of your funds can be done in two ways:


1.  Include a photocopy of your drivers license along with your check and your order will be shipped immediately if the imprinted information on your check matches your drivers license information, we will send you your order request for in-stock currency by Certified mail on the same day that we receive your check and the drivers license photocopy

2. If you do not include a photocopy of your

drivers license along with your check we will

wait 10 business days from the day we receive your

check before mailing your currency order.


All orders are subject to a review of the information that you submit, and we reserve the right to reject any order. All orders are screened through the list of Specially Designated Nationals provided by the U.S. Treasury.


What If You Do Not Have The Currency On Hand When I Place My Order?


If you are opting for immediate delivery (see above) it usually adds one business day to the time it will take for you to receive the currency from us. However, it sometimes takes longer to obtain currencies for some of the countries in Central or South America. We will advise you of the status and expected delivery time in the event this occurs.




What Do You Do With The Information I Send You?


Information relating to your order will be stored in paper form in our office for five years as required by Federal law. After that time the information will be destroyed. We do not maintain any customer information in an electronic database.


Is There A Limit To The Amount of Currency That I Can Obtain Through The Mail?


Yes. Currency orders by mail are limited in amount to $500.00 (U.S.) plus our shipping and handling fee. Larger amounts may be obtained by special arrangement or by visiting our Athens office.


Is This Service Available To Everyone?


No. We only provide mail services to residents of the State of Georgia.


Can Foreign Currency Be Obtained By A Georgia Business?


Yes; however, special arrangements will need to be made to verify the entity and the funds used for payment.



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